Photos Exhibition at la Gacilly from june to october every year

In 2018 it's fifteen's birthday , don't miss it !


Whether the shots are in black and white or in colour, green is always a

major player at the Peuples & Nature Photo Festival in La Gacilly. Focusing specifically on the environment, this is an arts event that fully intends to become part of the landscape.

This exhibition counts several hundred large format photos, taken by well-known artists and amateur photographers alike. Installed in the open air throughout the quaint cobbled streets of the charming village of La Gacilly, this exhibition needs no special effects. Created in 2004 by Jacques Rocher, now president of the Yves Rocher Foundation, the aim of the festival is to make the public think about the future of the planet. Whether the focus is thousand-year-old forests, oceans or civilisations, there will always be a photographer on hand to expose the dangers they face. Ethereal but thought provoking, each year the festival puts the spotlight on Mother Nature herself, so dignified, photogenic and proud, inviting us to reflect on the fragility of the world in which we live.


pictures exhibition at La Gacilly, south Brittany close to B&B Saint jacob 3 miles     Photos exhibition at la Gacilly, 3 miles away from B&B Saint Jacob       photos exhibition at La Gacilly, 3 miles from B&B Saint Jacob, Brittany south

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